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What Makes My Ramen Taste So Great

Key Features of My Ramen Noodles
For over a year, the owner and chef at Menya Shichisai, Hiroaki Sakata and the MyRamen crew experimented. We wanted to bring the exact handmade Shichisai texture and taste to instant ramen. While sticking to ramen’s authentic traditional roots, Hiroaki experimented with his different noodle recipes to discover a noodle that would enhance the highly refined traditional flavors by absorbing more of the flavor into the noodle while the shape picked up more broth. A perfect noodle is essential to enhance the subtle flavors and aromas that give MyRamen its exceptional taste and texture.

The MyRamen Noodle Profile
Our noodles are flat, wide, medium-thick and wavy. The flat and wide profile of the noodles allow for them to gradually absorb the soup and flavor, while the thickness provides a wonderful chewy texture. As for waviness, it is to provide a better vessel to carry the broth to your mouth.

These are all trademark feature of the noodles at MyRamen Chief producer’s highly-regarded ramen shop Menya Shichisai, where every bowl of ramen features hand kneaded and hand cut noodles, using 100% Japanese wheat, only after the customer makes their order.

Although Menya Shichisai uses raw noodles, MyRamen stuck to the same principles in an extremely faithful manner. As a result, we were able to produce dried noodles that will leave you hardly able to believe you just ate instant noodles, and not fresh noodles.

Our noodles also make a viable option for health and environmentally conscious eaters, as we also source the same organic flour as Menya Shichisai.

The MyRamen Soup Profile
Our soups contain no animal-products or chemical-ingredients, and are made with only the best natural ingredients. No chemicals equal zero impediments to detract or distract the ingredients. Our soups are simple yet packed full of flavor and easy on the internal organs.

Parents With Ramen Addicted Kids:
If you refuse to buy instant ramen for your kids due to the chemicals that are typically in instant ramen, rest assured, most of us at My Ramen have kids and all our products were created to be a healthy, kid friendly food so that you can indulge your kids with My Ramen whenever they beg for it. Add different foods like vegetables and eggs to your My Ramen to change up your ramen so your kids will beg for it every day - My Ramen... Ramen your kids will fall in love with.

Think of My Ramen as craft brewed ramen.
My Ramen is produced in small artisanal batches in Tokyo, Japan by Menya Shichisai Ramen Restaurant. By bringing My Ramen to life in small batches, completely free of MSG and chemicals, with nothing in the flavor packet that isn’t natural, we can ensure that the ramen you eat is the freshest, healthiest and tastiest instant ramen you will ever eat. My Ramen is ramen you can fall in love with.

Made With 100% Natural Ingredients
My Ramen is a 100% natural, vegan Japanese ramen with traditional authentic taste and aroma. Other than My Ramen, in general the base ingredient for ramen soup stock is made from animal extracts, so vegans or others with eating guidelines or dietary restrictions such as religious ones, often steered away from ramen of any kind. Enjoy My Ramen in three flavors. Soy Sauce, Miso and Salt. My Ramen - Traditional authentic Japanese ramen perfected, in instant form.

As crazy as it sounds, the chemicals in instant ramen inspired us to create our own instant ramen. Being snowboarders, photographers and coders that lived on ramen, we thought we should figure out how to make a healthy tasty instant ramen so we could eat it as often as we like without having to worry about chemicals killing us. We succeeded. It’s why we recommend an exact amount of water (2 cups) in the pot.

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